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Daves bike
Scrapheap Challenge - The Return
New member - Same old story
Original KH400
Kh 400
Les, RSO still lives
Finished KH 400
The rarest of the S series family
Bought an A4
DIY bodywork repairs and paint job
Barnett clutch plates
KH 400 - Tank Sealant
Alloy wheel project
S4 restoration
Kh400 - A5 restoration
Finally its finsished
My new toy
KH400 build. (Rush Job)
wheel lock collar and pipes
low coil, is it knxxxed
engine stop switch wiring problems
new headlamp wiring, any ideas?
kh400 cdi
KH 400 - let the fun begin !
another newbie
Newbie starts with a KH400:- What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
Finally, another 400 !
My old KH400
My KH400A3
new used KH400a4
kh400 a3
Almost correct KH400A4
Delboys KH400 Burst into life 15/02/2011 (Photo)
Delboys Pride almost ready to Fire up (Photos)
Latest Addition
Eruo spec
3 1/2 YEARS
New member - KH virgin!
a few jobs left
my kh400...getting there
kh400 project now on ebay
kh 400 project
It followed me home! ... a diamond in the rough.
soon to be mine
KH400 starting problems...
400 project
400 now in my garage
my new kh400
KH400 seen at lotherton 2007
S3 downunder
Latest incarnation!!
hard job Starting KH400
Green Meanie!
My 1976 KH400, with Higgspeed expansion chambers.
78 KH400
New Member bikes
KH400 or KH250 which do i keep
New addition to the collection
KH Triples
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