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Kh250 pilot jets
250 with 350 top end.
Baffle size ?
Brake disc refurbishment services?
S1 Carbs
Dowty washers
S2a engine
Kick start
S2 knobs n screws
S2 dual disc conversion
Registering a frame...
New engine rebuild
dating certificate
Kh250 and KH400 throttle and choke cables
chrome removal
will it fit ??
period swingarm
Chain Set
Exhaust brackets KH500 satin or gloss
Black finishes again for KH500
Black finishes again for KH500
B2 seat needs recovering & new foam, who would you recom
clock faces
I know nowt..but
S1a Seat trims.
Piston clearance S2
chroming crab rail
Reg/Rec Combined unit for a Kh 250 B5
Safety Warning Decals
Powder coating the hubs
Help Needed!
Petrol cap
wheel bearings
Jetting question
decal dimensions
KH250 Rectifier
rev counters
mount positions
ignition coils
To lacquer or not.
barrel lifting plates
Fuel tap
oil tank
petrol tank
engine ruber mounts
petrol tanks
Exhaust Cleaning.
Headlamp Ear Numbers?
what bars ?
Leaking Carbs, poor running, issues with performance.
First port of call
I fitted expansion pipes, what jets ?
Which Spark Plugs
Paint codes
How do I tension the kickstart ?
What finish/colour should my nuts/bolts/nipples/spokes be ?
Where is the best place to get my pipes chromed
What paint finish
Which Tyres
What gearbox oil ?
What is the best 2 stroke oil ?
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